Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

" In Nochantzin, In Mochantzin "

There is a fire that burns eternally within the being of humanity at the global level, the light of which does not cast shadow but reveals the integrity of all.  We, the Indigenous Peoples who are the caretakers of this hearth of community, hold the fireplace of this world of mysterious beauty and power to be our home planet, our mother, the Earth.  In this sense, from this perspective we are all originally and eventually, Indigenous Peoples.  The question is, what value do we assign to this ecological principle of human and cultural identity, the origination of all our societies without exception, and why is this even important.
As community members of the Valley of the Sun, we have a unique opportunity to dialogue regarding this question.  Our presence and participation in the demographic and ecological transformation which is evident across the territory bestows a responsibility to act strategically in furtherance of the community development goals which unite us here today.
What are the elements of our community development initiatives? What is the historical and geographic context?  What are the ecological and territorial imperatives if we are to view community urban development as integral to community sustainability over generations?
There is a meter in the community development process that is paced and best served when the body of the organization has achieved the internal maturity necessary to grow and sustain the next phase. This strength is only captured as an asset when challenges are honestly met and effectively addressed.  An issue of relevance usually ignored is that the nonprofit model of community development corporation depends on the for-profit corporate model for its point of reference in terms of identity.
With the form comes a process that must be dealt with, but where is the allegiance?  This is a broad question, and it is meant to be so.  Today we speak of the global economy at the drop of a dollar without ever considering or mentioning the psychology of globalizing communities. And not just as jornaleros (day laborers), migrant workers, economic refugees or transnational corporates and government politicos.
Somewhere there is a myth or a fairy tale or a horror story (take your pick) told about the NEW WORLD, and what happened to people when they crossed over into the territory.  Of course, it always was a global economy.  It has always been one land, one water, one air, and all of the fullness and richness of life are integral to the reciprocal processes which include ourselves - the human beings - as part of the family of the web of life.
And to BE HUMAN? Do we have the courage to enter the fire of the hearth of humanity, to reemerge with the social skills and necessary organizational strategy to renew societies of sustainability and mutual respect?

The bottom line exists, but it is not a line. It is a discovery of reality, a recognition of the economic principles which are sustained by the currency of caring. It is the foundation of individual understanding and cultural infrastructure that reminds us where it all began, so that we may be guided in our pursuit of true community wealth and prosperity, and not remain lost and wandering for another five hundred years.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Changing Woman

At one


She found herself among the

Loneliest of speckled clouds,

Hanging by the power of a lightning bolt

To the desert land below that


To the People, to the O’Odham:

Generations of the Nahuatlaca.

They who had traced her trail,

The echoing footsteps,

Tracks that took

A moon time to appear

And disappear,

Blown back to stardust

By the wind

From the


The OrigiNations met,

Formed assembly and adopted


Caring for them as if they were

Their own children, which they were.

Particular places where these,

Their children,

Could once again,


and then as before,

Emerge reborn –

Eyes clear and


On the shimmer of her

Sweeping skirt

In departure over the horizon,

Leading the way


Tupac Enrique Acosta



Saturday, December 26, 2015

IXTLALTZIN: Face of the Earth


 Espejo de la Tierra                   Earth Mirror 

The day will come
the shards of rubble,
will be swept away;
the remains
of loved ones will be carefully laid to rest in places
at that moment where
worlds that were
will also be
no more, and
new world’s
Discovery brought us all a shudder of horror
to have lost they who through knowing them,
with them and of them,
made us

The day that comes,
comes for us all.
The coldest winds before that dawn,
the shards of humans being inhuman
to each other and themselves, look for the broken places in our
and heart,
look to wounds searching for caves of fear, far beyond the chasing
conscience of the One:

At that moment shall appear,
When the ground is finally clear,
A shining dust
A mirror of earth, and she will speak again.
“What have you done to my children?”
And foundations of Heaven’s Earth, respond -
In justice of war gods unbound. 

Tupac Enrique Acosta

Thursday, December 24, 2015

CHACANA: Tenamaztle of the Cosmos

La Chacana

Chakana Cross
Three Steps
Emergence – Presence - Return

The three steps represent levels of attainment of consciousness in the three 'worlds' or tiers:
 * Hanan Pacha: the upper world of the stars, celestial beings and gods (also represented by the condor)
 * Kay Pacha: the middle world of Mother Earth and human life (also represented by the puma)
* Uqhu Pacha: the lower world of the underworld and death (also represented by the snake)

Central hole
The central hole represents the Incan capital of Cusco, the portal from one tier to the next, and the Eye of God.

Twelve points
The entire symbol additionally represents the cyclical year, with each of the twelve corners corresponding to a month.

Four arms
The four 'cross' arms represent:

    * the four directions of the compass,
    * the four 'classical elements' of earth, air, water and fire,
    * the four main stars of the Southern Cross, an important constellation for the Inca, who believed that was the centre of the Universe.
Star Turtle's Island

Friday, June 5, 2015

La Consigna de Anahuac

The Resonance of Equilibrium

HUITZILOPOCHTLI stands on the third, the highest level of the TEOCALLI (la piramide) and surveys the quadrant of the cosmos that is home to humanity.  Under his feet a mighty force that originates from a great fire within the heart of Tonantzin, anchors him, embraces him with a power that is beyond time.  It is what the religions of the world call love and the scientists call gravity.

From this foundation arises TEZCATLIPOCA, constructing himself in four aspects – the first level of the Teocalli.

Besides recalling the four previous suns or cultural epochs of the Nahuatl civilization, these four attributes reflect the facets of human perception in terms of the sum of relationships.  Arising from the awareness of our earthbound context, the human personality is molded as a result of the interaction of duality, and the tension between two absolutes. 

  • The duality is that of the self and others, the individual and human society, the feminine and masculine, the family and the generations – both past and future.

  • The first absolute that of the creation itself, with the human being an integral conscious participant and which although she remains a mystery, the universe is not a secret.

  • The other absolute is that of the unknown, all that lies beyond the realm of human understanding or perception.  Embedded in the precept of Ometeotl, the these relationships as regarded holistically as complementary and not oppositional, with interwoven values of  nahui ollin: symmetry and diversity, science and mystery. 

QUETZALCOATL appears arriving from the East, the direction of light and life, radiant with the energy of creation.  Quetzalcoatl is charged with the task of ordering with the intelligence that is humankind’s exceptional characteristic the apparent chaos.  His instrument is the Wind with which he clears a path for the arrival of TLALOCTEKUTLI who brings the rain of time, activating the seed planted by Quetzalcoatl.

The seed is the principle of harmony, the resonance of equilibrium as the MEXICAYOTL Way of Life that reverberates echoing the solar wind itself to create a reality allowing for the development of the full human potential.  The second level of the teocalli is constructed and the ceremony is born.

Huitzilopochtli looks to the West.  It is in that direction that he senses his spirit will depart from this world.  As he gazes towards the heavens, in spite of the powerful attraction of Tonantzin, a sense of nostalgia and profound longing spark him into his characteristic personality mode – action

The bow of Dream Memory is drawn, his thoughts as arrows he lets fly seeking the Quetzalmazatl: the hunt is for knowledge and wisdom.   He moves to the drum of a great heart beat, the Nahui Ollin. He sings, he dances, and then finally, he flies. 

© Tupac Enrique Acosta 2004


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Canal Toltecayotl: El Origin de la Virgen de Guadalupe


Canal Toltecayotl

El Origin de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Canal Toltekayotl

El Origen de la Virgen de Guadalupe, descripción, sierra de Guadalupe, Tepeyac, Culto prehispánico, apariciones, contradicciones, fuentes documentales y Matlalkueye y Chalchiu´tlikue.

Codice Teotenantzin
El llamado Codice de Teotenantzin es uno de los testimonios históricos más intrigantes de los relieves esculpidos en las peñas de la Cuenca de México durante el Posclasico tardio.  Muchas son las incógnitas y las controversias que giran en torno a su nombre, su confección y su contenido.

Aún así, los estudiosos de la religión mesoamericana y de las transformaciones que ésta experimentó tras la conquista española coinciden en acordarle un gran valor, pues lo consideran la unica evidencia grafica del culto a deidades femeninas en la zona del Tepeyac con anterioridad al fenómeno guadalupano.

Nican Mopohua ica Izkalotekah: In Cihuapilli Coatlaxopeuh

In Cihuapilli Coatlaxopeuh: Excerpt from The Path of Quetzalcoatl, Tamatini Andres Segura, Mexica Tencocha presents teachings relevant to the ancestral indigenous traditions of La Guadalupana Tepeyaca 1526, and the ongoing Movimiento Macehualli TONATIERRA 2012.

Published on Dec 7, 2012